Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation Scholarship

When Our Chinese Daughters Foundation was originally formed in 1995, the first major project we undertook in addition to our newsletter was the publishing of the book New American Families: Chinese Daughters and their Single Mothers.

Later in 2004 OCDF published a second version: Finding Happiness: Single Mothers Share Their China Adoption Stories. Both books are still available through OCDF Publications

When the first book was published, our promise to our supporters, who were then single mothers adopting daughters from China, was that a portion of the proceeds (income after expenses) would be invested into an account from which we would begin offering scholarships in 2010 whereby their child(ren) would be eligible to benefit.

We did invest that money and it is now 2010 - time for Our Chinese Daughters Foundation to begin giving a scholarship to an adopted daughter of a single mother. The purpose of the "Chinese Daughters Scholarship" is to provide annually a combined need-based + merit-based scholarship to an adoptee from China who was raised by a single mother from adoption through college.

One scholarship will be given each year for as long as the funds allow. For eligibility requirements and application form, please visit Deadline for application is postmarked April 1st.

We know and understand there are couples, partners, single dads, and families with both daughters and sons who are long-time and strong supporters of OCDF and this is scholarship is not meant to exclude much-deserving adoptees.

However, this specific fund was established some time ago for a very specific purpose which we are bound to honor. We will work to offer additional scholarship programs that will meet a broader range of adoptive families and their children.

For this particular program the focus must meet the original intent. Thank you for your understanding.

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Goldentigertail said...

Hi, is this still going on? I am a Chinese adoptee who has been raised by a single mother and I'm interested in applying